Sunday on the Road

We said good-bye to Holmes early in the morning and traveled back into New York City for one last time. Returning to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine we arrived in time for the 9am Holy Eucharist.  

God was truly looking down on us as we were actually able to parallel park "she who could not be parked". Update later on potential name change for our faithful mini-bus. 

Rachel's godmother was able to join us for the worship service! It was so awesome to meet you Jen. We sat in the huge choir stalls, some of us barely able to see over the stall in front of us.  It was comforting to see that it's not only St. James that has issues with our audio system, as the lector had to project her voice over the huge fans when her microphone was not working. 

We greeted the priest, The Reverend Mary Jett, and presented her with her very own Flat Jesus! As we we were on the road we were notified that there was a Flat Jesus spotting waiting for a bus near the cathedral. It seems that one of the many Flat Jesi (which is the preferred plural of Jesus, in case you were wondering) we placed in the catheral on Saturday was found on Sunday! We love it when a plan comes together. Check out the Flat Jesus Facebook page!

Heading south on I-95 we made our way to DC by early evening. We dined on amazing local Chinese food delivered to our hotel. Settling in we prepared ourselves for a full few days in DC....