Memorial Donations & Tribute Gifts

A Memorial Donation to St. James is a very thoughtful way to express sympathy for the loss of a special person. You can make a Memorial Donation in honor of a family member, friend, neighbor or co-worker. We will send a note to the family and to you acknowledging your gift.

You can also make a Tribute Gift to commemorate happy occasions and events through a special donation. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, retirement, graduation, a get-well wish or simply to honor a family member or friend who overcame a challenge are some of the ways you can show you care. A tribute card will be sent to the honoree and to you acknowledging your gift.

Two specific ways you can make a Memorial Donation or a Tribute Gift are:


Altar flowers, given to the glory of God, are provided each Sunday through your gifts. If you would like to remember a departed friend or relative, honor a birthday or anniversary, or otherwise express gratitude for God’s gifts and blessings by providing altar flowers , please make your donation to St. James Episcopal Church with Altar Flowers on the memo line. The suggested donation is $75. Memorials will be noted in the Sunday bulletin.

For additional information about special gifts, please contact or call 248-644-0820.

You may make your donation online here.