Lift Them in Prayer


The purpose of our prayer list as a church is not only so we can read off a list of names during the Prayers of the People each week, but also so the whole community of God that worships at St. James can know who is on the hearts and minds of our brothers and sisters. Printing a list makes it possible for each of us to take those names with us from the Sunday service and pray for them throughout the week. Adding someone’s name to the prayer list is a way of getting the whole body of the church to lift them up in prayer during the week.

To encourage us in praying for one another and those on our prayer list, we will be giving out a slip of paper with a name on it to each person as they leave church starting on August 7. You may not know the person you’ve been given; you may not know why they are on the prayer list; you may not even know how to pronounce their name. But this does not stop you from pausing during the week to lift up that name, to imagine them healthy and whole and without pain, to ask that God’s mercy and love should fall upon them. While praying for them, you may think of others in or out of the church whom you also wish to lift up.

So we encourage you to take a slip of paper on Sunday, just one name. Take that person with you during the week and hold them in your prayers. This is one of the many ways we remind ourselves that we are part of a community, by showing we care about others and their loved ones. May we be shaped by our prayers into a more deeply loving community that we might fulfill Jesus’ prayer for us, that we might be one.

St. James Preschool: A Great Place to Start

St. James Preschool is a child-centered, enrichment oriented program.  We offer a loving and supportive environment where children learn and grow at their own pace. The school is a ministry of St. James Episcopal Church and features a low student to teacher ratio. Children do not have to be potty trained for enrollment.

  • Children of all faiths& cultures  are welcome
  • Curbside drop-off & pick-up
  • There’s an enrollment fee of $105.00 per child, per school year that is a non-refundable fee. There’s also an activity fee for each child enrolled, in addition to a monthly tuition payment.

Shar Wickens, Program Director, has a degree in Elementary Education with advanced graduate study.  She maintains membership in the National Association of Young Children, and the National Association ofEpiscopal Schools. Additionally, she is involved with the Oakland County Director Coalition and is a member ofthe Michigan Association of Play Therapy. Teachers come from a wide range of backgrounds, with current CPS and blood borne pathogen training and have a clear criminal history record. 

Our Preschool Philosophy

We believe that early childhood should be a time of fun, security, exploration and discovery. Our program strives to encourage children’s natural tendencies ofcreativity and receptivity in learning, ultimately helping children grow and developmentally, socially, physically and emotionally. We provide the highest quality education in an exceptionally nurturing environment. Stimulating activities are designed and geared towards Providing a well-balanced educational program in which your child may more easily make the transition from home to school.

Throughout all of our programs, our goal is to provide an atmosphere of warmth and positive reinforcement, allowing your child to explore learning in a comfortable and familiar setting. 

Please contact the Director, Shar Wickens, for more information:
248-644-0820 ext. 7103

We are located in the St. James Episcopal Church in downtown Birmingham between Woodward and Southfield, at the corner of West Maple Road and Chester Street.  Please call to schedule a visit anytime!