St. James Parish Governance

The vestry is the governing body of St. James Episcopal Church. It is responsible to the members of the parish for the administration and governance of the parish and for the care and maintenance of our facilities.

The vestry of St. James is committed to open and transparent communication with parishioners. Church members are welcome to attend vestry meetings which take place on the third Monday of every month. Following each meeting, vestry meeting minutes are posted in Centennial Hall and this website. In addition, monthly meeting updates including a brief financial report, appear in The Spirit.

Vestry members are ready to discuss your thoughts, suggestions or questions about governance as we work together to make St. James a strong, healthy and flourishing parish.

St. James is governed by a number of documents: 

  • The Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church (click here)

  • The Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Diocese of Michigan (click here)

  • The Bylaws of the Parish (click here)

  • The Constitution and Bylaws of the St. James Preschool (click here)

The Parish has also adopted a Resolution establishing The Parish Fund of St. James Episcopal Church (click here).

The Vestry has adopted several other policy documents to help order our common life together. They include:

Members of St. James are invited to recommend changes to any of these documents. Proposals may be in writing or verbally expressed to any member of the Vestry, to a Warden or to a member of the Clergy.

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